Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy or bequest in your will to the Friends of Historic Essex (FHE) is an important way in which you can continue your support for our work long into the future. We are grateful for all bequests of any size, big or small.

All our legacy and bequest income is ring-fenced in a designated fund which will be directed to the support of our charitable objectives and in particular for the archival heritage of the county of Essex, ensuring its continued preservation and public access.


Why is your support needed?

In the future, funding pressures upon the preservation of Essex heritage and archives seem likely to get ever greater as public resources become scarcer still. By putting a gift in your will to the Friends of Historic Essex, you can make sure that we will be there to make the case for the continued preservation of the county’s documents and to educate future generations about their value.


What your gift could help us achieve

All non-specific bequests will be used to fulfil the charitable purposes of the Friends of Historic Essex. Some examples of how legacies could be used are as follows:

  • Purchase of historic documents to be preserved at the Essex Record Office
  • Purchase of conservation materials
  • The digitisation of historic documents to preserve fragile originals and widen access
  • Support of educational activities to engage people with Essex heritage

If, on the other hand, you have firm wishes about how you would like your gift to be used, we are able to discuss this privately with you. Please see our contact details at the end of this page.


How do I go about leaving a gift or legacy?

There is a variety of ways in which to leave a bequest. It may be a specific sum of money or a share of your estate or specific assets. It is also possible to make a residuary gift, whereby the charity receives whatever is left after you have made specific bequests to your family, friends or other deserving causes.

Please note that the FHE is unable to provide legal advice about making a will and leaving a legacy, and we recommend that you approach an independent solicitor to put your wishes into action.


Suggested wording

Your solicitor will be able to advise when drawing up your will or adding a codicil to an existing will, but the following wording may serve as a template:

“I give to the Friends of Historic Essex (Reg. Char. 235270) of the Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6YT, a legacy of £X [or the residue of my estate] for charitable purposes.”


Inheritance Tax

As the Friends of Historic Essex is a charity, the value of any gift you are able to make to us in your will is deducted from the value of your estate before any liability for Inheritance Tax is calculated. This has the effect that money that might otherwise have been paid in tax can instead be used to support the work of the Friends of Historic Essex.


Further information and contact details

If you are considering a gift or bequest and would like more information we are very happy to discuss the options with you.

You are welcome to contact the Chairman, Dr Christopher Thornton, 75 Victoria Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 5HE or at c.c.thornton@btinternet.com.